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Manufacturer of All Types of Armatures and Field Coils As per Required Specification in Different Volts Like 220/110/90/48/36/24/12

Suitable for BOSCH










Suitable for BOSCH Armature
B-1 VPT.B-1 GBM-1 ..............6mm Portable Drill
B-2 VPT.B-2 GBM-6 2604010776 6mm High Speed Drill
B-2A VPT.B-2A GBM-6 (NEW) ..............6mm Portable Drill
B-2B VPT.B-2B GBM-500 ..............6mm Drill
B-3 VPT.B-3 GBM-10 2604010780 10mm High Torque Drill
B-3A VPT.B-3A GBM-10RE 2609120338 10mm Reversible Drill (0-2200 RPM)
B-4 VPT.B-4 GBM-13-2 2604010575 2 Speed All Purpose Drill
B-5 VPT.B-5 GSB-20-2 2604010744 2 Speed Impact Drill
B-5A VPT.B-5A GSR 8.6 KE 2604010739 8mm Screw Driver
B-6 VPT.B-6 GBH-2-20 SE 1614010052 2 Kg. (20mm) Rotary Hammer Drill
B-7 VPT.B-7 GBH-2 SE/24DSE 1614010106 4-24mm Rotary Hammer Drill
B-8 VPT.B-8 PSB-400 (OLD) 2604011007 10mm Impact Drill
B-9 VPT.B-9 PSB-400 (NEW) ..............10mm Impact Drill
B-9A VPT.B-9A GSB-400 ..............10mm Impact Drill
B-10 VPT.B-10 PSB-570 RE 2604011154 Impact Drill Reversible
B-10B VPT.B-10B PSB-650 RE ..............12mm Impact Drill
B-10C VPT.B-10C GSB-550 RE 2604011084 15mm Impact Drill
B-11 VPT.B-11 PBH-200 RE 1614010144 2 Kg. Class Hammer Drill
B-12 VPT.B-12 GBM-350 2604011024 10mm (3/8") Drill
B-12A VPT.B-12A GBM-350 RE 1619P00065 10mm (3/8") Drill
B-13 VPT.B-13 GWS-6-100/115 1604010626 4" (100mm) High Speed Angle Grinder (670 W)
B-14 VPT.B-14 GWS-7-125 1604010429 5" High Speed Angle Grinder
B-15 VPT.B-15 GWS-9-125C 1604010248 5" High Speed Angle Grinder
B-16 VPT.B-16 GWS-10-125 1604010640 5" High Speed Angle Grinder (1020 W)
B-16A VPT.B-16A GWS-11-125 1604011930 5" High Speed Angle Grinder
B-17 VPT.B-17 GWS-14-125 C1 1604010445 5" High Speed Angle Grinder (1440 W)
B-17A VPT.B-17A GWS-14-125 C1(NEW) ..............5" Mini Grinder (1400 W) (Kick Back Stop)
B-17B VPT.B-17B GWS-14-125 C2-II ..............5" Mini Grinder
B-18 VPT.B-18 GWS-14-125 C 2 1604010050 5" High Speed Angle Grinder
B-19 VPT.B-19 GWS-20-180/230 1604011176 7"/9" Angle Grinder (Heavy Duty)
B-20 VPT.B-20 GWS-21-180/230/21-U 1604011148 7"/9" Angle Grinder (Heavy Duty)
B-21 VPT.B-21 GWS-23-180/230 1604011179 7"/9" Angle Grinder (Heavy Duty)
B-22 VPT.B-22 GWS-24-180/230 1604011156 7"/9" Angle Grinder (Heavy Duty)
B-22A VPT.B-22A GWS-26-180 1604011932 7" Angle Grinder (Heavy Duty)
B-23 VPT.B-23 GMS-34 9618082268 110mm Marble Cutter
B-24 VPT.B-24 GHO-31-82/I/II 2604010763 0.3-1mm Planer
B-25 VPT.B-25 GST-85P/PB/PBE 2604010578 85mm Jigsaw
B-26 VPT.B-26 GSB-16 II 2604011139 10mm Drill
B-27 VPT.B-27 GGS-27 2604010915 Die Grinder
B-28 VPT.B-28 GGS-27 L 2604010639 Long Neck Die Grinder
B-29 VPT.B-29 MAGNUM 9618087196 13mm Drill
B-30 VPT.B-30 GSR-6.25 TE 2604010803 6mm Screw Driver
B-30A VPT.B-30A GSR-6.25 TE (NEW) ..............6mm Screw Driver
B-31 VPT.B-31 GBH-5DCE/GSH-4/5 1614010186 5 Kg./4Kg. Hammer Drill
B-32 VPT.B-32 PWS-600 1604010429 4" (100mm) High Speed Angle Grinder
B-33 VPT.B-33 GDC-34 M/MU 9619081004 110mm Marble Cutter
B-34 VPT.B-34 GBH-10 DC/10C 1617220073 10 Kg. Rotary Hammer (Fan with Bush/Bearing Assy.)
B-35 VPT.B-35 GBH-11DE/11C 1614011072 11 Kg. Rotary Hammer (Fan with Bush/Bearing Assy.)
B-36 VPT.B-36 GOF-1200 3604011612 ROUTER
B-37 VPT.B-37 GHB-4 DFE/DSC 1614010128 4 Kg. Rotary Hammer
B-38 VPT.B-38 GEX-150 AC/ACE 2604011026 150mm Eccentric Sander
B-39 VPT.B-39 GBH-2-22 E/RE 1617000524 2Kg. Rotary Hammer
B-40 VPT.B-40 GCO-14-1 2610911655 355mm Cut-Off Saw
B-41 VPT.B-41 GBL-550 1609203480 Blower
B-42 VPT.B-42 GKS-7-1/4"-II(HEL) 2610908382 184mm Circular Saw (Helical Gear)
B-42A VPT.B-42A GKS-7-1/4" (S) (STR) ..............Circular Saw Straight Gear
B-43 VPT.B-43 GSB 16-1 2604011050 13mm Drill
B-44 VPT.B-44 GCO-14-2 2604010952 355mm Cut-Off Saw
B-45 VPT.B-45 HD-77 .............. D'Saw SKIL
B-46 VPT.B-46 6 4 2 0 ..............10mm Drill SKIL
B-47 VPT.B-47 GBH-7 DE 1614010213 7Kg. Rotary Hammer
B-47A VPT.B-47A GBH-7.46 DE .............. 7Kg. Rotary Hammer
B-48 VPT.B-48 GSH-388/GBH-5.38 1614011083 4Kg/5Kg. Rotary Hammer
B-49 VPT.B-49 GCM-12 2610911695 12" Mitre Saw
B-50 VPT.B-50 6002 1619P03270 10mm Impact Drill SKIL
B-51 VPT.B-51 6006 ..............13mm Impact Drill SKIL
B-52 VPT.B-52 5300 1619P01853 Circular Saw SKIL
B-53 VPT.B-53 GOF-900CE 3604010501 High Finish Router (900 W)
B-54 VPT.B-54 POF-1300 ACE 1609203R66 High Finish Router (1300 W)
B-55 VPT.B-55 GSB-13 RE 2609120232 13mm Impact Drill (Reversible)
B-55A VPT.B-55A GSB-10/10 RE ..............10mm Impact Drill (Reversible)
B-56 VPT.B-56 GBH-2-18 E 1619P01771 18mm (2KG) Hammer Drill
B-57 VPT.B-57 GEX-270 AE 2604010985 5" (125mm) Essentric Sander
B-58 VPT.B-58 PHO-16-82 2604011196 Planer
B-59 VPT.B-59 GBH-2-26DRE 1619P00349 26mm (2KG) Rotary Hammer Drill
B-60 VPT.B-60 GST-120 B E 2604011343 Jigsaw (Pendulum)
B-61 VPT.B-61 GKS-190 1619P01310 185mm Circular Saw
B-61A VPT.B-61A GKS-190 (NEW) ..............190mm Circular Saw 
B-62 VPT.B-62 GWS-850 CE 1604010667 5" (125mm) Angle Grinder (Mini) 850 W
B-63 VPT.B-63 GBM-23-2 1604010332 23mm Rotary Drill
B-64 VPT.B-64 GCO 2000 1609B00046 355mm Cut-Off Saw
B-65 VPT.B-65 GSC-3.5 3604010002 NIBBLER
B-66 VPT.B-66 GWS-15/125 1604010A52 5" High Speed Angle Grinder
B-67 VPT.B-67 GSH-16.30 1614011117 16Kg. Demolition Hammer
B-68 VPT.B-68 PHO-15-82 2604010648 Planer
B-69 VPT.B-69 GDB-2500 WE 3604010097 202mm Diamond Core Cutter
B-70 VPT.B-70 GDS-18 E 2604010629 Impact Wrench (up to M-18)
B-71 VPT.B-71 GWS-8-100C 1604010667 4" (100mm) Grinder
B-72 VPT.B-72 GSB 98.2E ..............13mm Drill
B-73 VPT.B-73 7"German ..............7" (180mm) Angle Grinder
B-74 VPT.B-74 9815 .............. 110mm Marble Cutter SKIL
B-75 VPT.B-75 GWS-7/100 1619P05210 Grinder 
B-76 VPT.B-76 GSB-16 RE 2 609 120 235 16mm Impact Drill 730W
B-77 VPT.B-77 GBH-4-32 DFR 1 614 010 252 32mm Rotary Hammer
B-78 VPT.B-78 GHO-26-82 2 609 199 269 82mm Planer 700W
B-79 VPT.B-79 GWS-15-125 CIH 1 604 010 A52 125mm Angle Grinder-KickBack Stop
B-80 VPT.B-80 9620 1 619 PA0 776 100mm Angle Grinder 620W SKIL
B-81 VPT.B-81 GHO-10.82 .............. Planer
B-82 VPT.B-82 GBL-800 E .............. BLOWER
B-83 VPT.B-83 SKIL-3220 .............. 355mm Cut-Off SKIL

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