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Manufacturer of All Types of Armatures and Field Coils As per Required Specification in Different Volts Like 220/110/90/48/36/24/12












Z-1 VPT.Z-1 EG-2C/EJ-3C 821.3.01 6mm (1/4") Low Weight Production Drill  WOLF
Z-2 VPT.Z-2 W D H 821.3.25 20mm / 23mm Drill WOLF
Z-3 VPT.Z-3 SD-4C 821.3.69 13mm (1/2") General Duty Drill WOLF
Z-4 VPT.Z-4 WD-2C/WD-34C 821.3.61 6mm (1/4") &10mm (3/8") Heavy Duty Drill WOLF
Z-5 VPT.Z-5 NW 8/10 821.3.13 25mm (1") & 31mm (1.1/4") Heavy Duty Drill WOLF
Z-6 VPT.Z-6 WD-3C/WD-23 C 821.3.65 10mm (3/8") Heavy Duty Drill WOLF
Z-7 VPT.Z-7 TS-35 C 821.3.85 Two Speed General Purpose Drill WOLF
Z-8 VPT.Z-8 14130 821.3.91 13mm Heavy Duty Drill WOLF
Z-9 VPT.Z-9 93220 820.3.44 5mm & 22mm Hammer Drill (Commando) WOLF
Z-10 VPT.Z-10 FF-2 821.3.49 Two Speed Flexible Shaft Grinder WOLF
Z-11 VPT.Z-11 GL-3 / SM-4 821.3.53 75mm (3") Precision Lathe Grinder WOLF
Z-12 VPT.Z-12 GQ-6 820.3.53 150mm (6") Straight Grinder WOLF
Z-13 VPT.Z-13 AG-7/9 BR 821.3.21 180mm (7") & 230mm (9") Angle Grinder WOLF
Z-14 VPT.Z-14 GQ-4 / HS-7 821.3.92 100mm (4") & 180mm (7") Heavy Duty Grinder/Sander WOLF
Z-15 VPT.Z-15 HS-7 BR 822.3.01 180mm (7") Heavy Duty Sander WOLF
Z-16 VPT.Z-16 HSG / OR-37 821.3.41 High Speed Grinder / Sandswift Orbital Sander WOLF
Z-17 VPT.Z-17 V S M 821.3.57 180mm (7") Portable Vertical Sander WOLF
Z-18 VPT.Z-18 2 5 1 8 0 820.3.03 180mm (7") Heavy Duty Sander WOLF
Z-19 VPT.Z-19 N W B 821.3.17 Portable Blower WOLF
Z-20 VPT.Z-20 7 7 7 5 0 820.3.02 2 Speed Blower WOLF
Z-21 VPT.Z-21 C-7 SA ---------180mm (7") Circular Saw HITACHI
Z-22 VPT.Z-22 CM-4 SA ---------110mm Marble Cutter HITACHI
Z-23 VPT.Z-23 PDA-100D/100C ---------100mm (4") Mini Angle Grinder HITACHI
Z-24 VPT.Z-24 G - 10 ---------100mm (4") Mini Angle Grinder HITACHI
Z-25 VPT.Z-25 F - 20 ---------Planer HITACHI
Z-26 VPT.Z-26 DU - 10 --------- 10mm (3/8") Heavy Duty HITACHI
Z-27 VPT.Z-27 P-57-91/77-91 LH 131491 7/9" Angle Grinder & 6" Straight Grinder KPT
Z-28 VPT.Z-28 HD - 1290 727929 100mm (4") Straight Grinder KPT
Z-29 VPT.Z-29 HD - 1285 727801 180mm (7") Angle Sander/Polisher KPT
Z-30 VPT.Z-30 HD - 1115/KW-8/10 727974 19/23/25/31mm Drill KPT
Z-31 VPT.Z-31 CM-4 SB ---------110mm Marble Cutter HITACHI
Z-32 VPT.Z-32 H-41 SA ---------4.8 Kg. Hammer Drill (Concrete & Brick) HITACHI
Z-33 VPT.Z-33 C-7 SF ---------185mm Circular Saw HITACHI
Z-33A VPT.Z-33A C-7 SS ---------190mm Circular Saw HITACHI
Z-34 VPT.Z-34 CM-6 ---------150mm Marble Cutter HITACHI
Z-35 VPT.Z-35 EWC-10 ---------110mm Wall Chaser ELECTREX
Z-36 VPT.Z-36 EG-10 ---------100mm (4") Disc Grinder ELECTREX
Z-37 VPT.Z-37 PB-20 ---------BLOWER
Z-38 VPT.Z-38 PRP-210/PR-108K7/132 ---------10mm Double Insulated 2 Speed Drill KPT
Z-38A VPT.Z-38A KPT-561 ---------10mm Hammer Drill KPT
Z-39 VPT.Z-39 RSP-1/RSP-2/KPT-563 ---------Rotary Skirting/Polishing M/c KPT
Z-40 VPT.Z-40 KM-4 SA ---------110mm Marble Cutter (Thread) KPT
Z-40A VPT.Z-40A KM-4 SA K-2 ---------110mm Marble Cutter KPT
Z-40B VPT.Z-40B KM-4 SA K-3 ---------110mm Marble Cutter KPT
Z-41 VPT.Z-41 K-100 A ---------110mm Marble Cutter KPT
Z-42 VPT.Z-42 P-5502/4502 ---------125mm (5") Angle Grinder KPT
Z-43 VPT.Z-43 P 34.01 ---------100mm Angle Grinder KPT
Z-44 VPT.Z-44 P 44.01 ---------100mm Straight Grinder KPT
Z-45 VPT.Z-45 BD-561/KU-10/113/102 ---------Hammer Drill Imported B&D
Z-46 VPT.Z-46 F-101 ---------10mm Light Duty Drill B&D
Z-47 VPT.Z-47 BD-142 ---------Hammer Drill Imported B&D
Z-48 VPT.Z-48 DW-171/201-203 ---------10mm Light Duty Drill DEWALT
Z-49 VPT.Z-49 DW-801/810/812 ---------100mm & 115mm Angle Grinder DEWALT
Z-50 VPT.Z-50 DW-823 ---------125mm (5") Heavy Duty Angle Grinder DEWALT
Z-51 VPT.Z-51 AT-8 ---------Router - ENDICO
Z-51A VPT.Z-51A AT-12 ---------Router - ENDICO
Z-52 VPT.Z-52 ER-8 ---------Router - ELMICO
Z-53 VPT.Z-53 GWS-6-100 ---------4" (100mm) High Speed Grinder BOSCH
Z-54 VPT.Z-54 GWS-20-180/230 ---------7"/9" Angle Grinder BOSCH
Z-55 VPT.Z-55 GWS-21-180/230 ---------7"/9" Angle Grinder BOSCH
Z-56 VPT.Z-56 GWS-23-180/230 ---------7"/9" Angle Grinder BOSCH
Z-57 VPT.Z-57 GWS/24-180/230 ---------7"/9" Angle Grinder BOSCH
Z-58 VPT.Z-58 GWS/26-180 ---------7" Angle Grinder (Heavy Duty) BOSCH
Z-59 VPT.Z-59 GBH-11 DE/ 11 C ---------11Kg. Rotary Hammer BOSCH
Z-60 VPT.Z-60 2410-D ---------4" (100mm) Mini Angle Grinder 'Y' KING
Z-61 VPT.Z-61 S-15 ---------6" (150mm) Sander / Polisher HITACHI
Z-61A VPT.Z-61A S-15 SB ---------6" (150mm) Sander / Polisher HITACHI
Z-62 VPT.Z-62 SB-75 ---------2 Speed Belt Sander HITACHI
Z-63 VPT.Z-63 CS-350 A ---------14" (350mm) Chain Saw HITACHI
Z-64 VPT.Z-64 C-8 ---------185mm Circular Saw HITACHI
Z-65 VPT.Z-65 NU-14 ---------355mm Cut Off NEUTRON
Z-66 VPT.Z-66 KWB-350 ---------BLOWER KPT
Z-67 VPT.Z-67 GWS-850 CE ---------5" (125mm) Angle Grinder (Mini) BOSCH
Z-68 VPT.Z-68 PUG ---------Cutting Machine (ESAB)
Z-69 VPT.Z-69 EID-567 ---------10mm Drill ELECTREX
Z-70 VPT.Z-70 PR-110 729935 10mm Double Insulated Pistol Drill KPT
Z-71 VPT.Z-71 PR-108 K4 728519 6mm Double Insulated Pistol Drill KPT
Z-72 VPT.Z-72 PH-65 A ---------15 Kg. Hammer Drill HITACHI
Z-73 VPT.Z-73 4100 N H  ---------Marble Cutter M/c (1300 watts) MAKITA
Z-74 VPT.Z-74 G-15 SA ---------6" (150mm) Angle Grinder  HITACHI
Z-75 VPT.Z-75 RH-100 ---------4" (100mm) Angle Grinder  KRAFT
Z-76 VPT.Z-76 ECS-7 N ---------Circular Saw (1200 watts)  ELECTREX
Z-77 VPT.Z-77 HU-14 ---------14" (355mm) Cut Off  HITACHI
Z-78 VPT.Z-78 G-18 SH-2 ---------7" (180mm) Angle Grinder  HITACHI
Z-79 VPT.Z-79 G-18 MR ---------7" (180mm) Angle Grinder  HITACHI
Z-80 VPT.Z-80 CC-14 SF ---------14" (355mm) Cut Off  HITACHI
Z-81 VPT.Z-81 CM-12 Y ---------7" (180mm) Angle Grinder  HITACHI
Z-82 VPT.Z-82 LW-1202 ---------Wet Granite Grinder / Sander  FLEX
Z-83 VPT.Z-83 D-23620 ---------Circular Saw  DEWALT
Z-83A VPT.Z-83A GKS-190 (NEW) ---------Circular Saw BOSCH
Z-84 VPT.Z-84 KH-6500 ---------Demolition Hammer KEYANG
Z-85 VPT.Z-85 DG-180/230 FB ---------7"/9" Angle Grinder KEYANG
Z-86 VPT.Z-86 NHC-14 D ---------355mm Cut Off Saw  KEYANG
Z-87 VPT.Z-87 NHC-14 S ---------355mm Cut Off Saw KEYANG
Z-88 VPT.Z-88 LY-150 ---------480mm Diamond Core Drill AGP
Z-89 VPT.Z-89 GCO - 2000 ---------355mm Cut-Off M/C BOSCH
Z-90 VPT.Z-90 H-60 MRV ---------Rotary Hammer BOSCH


We are Manufacturing Armatures & Field Coils Suitable for Portable Electric Tools