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Manufacturer of All Types of Armatures and Field Coils As per Required Specification in Different Volts Like 220/110/90/48/36/24/12

Suitable for KPT











Suitable for KPT Armature
F-1 VPT.F-1 PRP-108 K4 957402 6mm Double Insulated Pistol Drill
F-2 VPT.F-2 PRP-108 K7 728827 6mm Double Insulated Pistol Drill
F-3 VPT.F-3 PR-110 728884 10mm Double Insulated Pistol Drill
F-4 VPT.F-4 KU-10/PR-132/PR-113 728888 10mm &13mm Pistol Drill
F-5 VPT.F-5 PRP-210/PR-108 K3 956847 10mm Double Insulated Two Speed Drill
F-6 VPT.F-6 KPT-561 729676 10mm Hammer Drill
F-7 VPT.F-7 KD-2C 728089 6mm Compact Drill
F-8 VPT.F-8 KD-3C / 34-C 727827 10mm & 13mm End Handle Drill
F-9 VPT.F-9 GD-25 (OLD) BUSH TYPE 13mm Pistol Drill
F-10 VPT.F-10 GD-25 727827 13mm Pistol Drill
F-11 VPT.F-11 HD-16 729325 16mm Drill
F-12 VPT.F-12 HD-1115/KW-8/10 728429 19/23mm & 25/31mm Heavy Duty Drill
F-13 VPT.F-13 KW-8/10 (NEW) 729072 19/23mm & 25/31mm Heavy Duty Drill
F-14 VPT.F-14 RSP-1/II/KPT-563 728888 Rotary Skirting/Polishing Machine
F-14A VPT.F-14A RSP-1A/K1(NEW) 730071 Rotary Skirting Polisher
F-15 VPT.F-15 P-34-01 729528 100mm Angle Grinder
F-16 VPT.F-16 P-34-01 HD 740708 100mm Angle Grinder
F-17 VPT.F-17 P-44-01 729006 100mm Straight Grinder
F-18 VPT.F-18 P-45-02 728895 115mm Angle Grinder
F-19 VPT.F-19 P-55-02 935079 125mm Angle Grinder
F-20 VPT.F-20 P-55-02 (NEW) 935079 125mm Angle Grinder THREAD
F-21 VPT.F-21 HD-1290 728428 100mm Straight Grinder
F-22 VPT.F-22 P-77-91 LH 728803 LH 150mm Straight Grinder
F-23 VPT.F-23 KP-77-01 729760 150mm Straight Grinder
F-24 VPT.F-24 P-57-91/59-91 728432 180mm & 230mm Angle Grinder COBRA
F-25 VPT.F-25 HD-1285 728433 180mm Angle Sander/Polisher
F-26 VPT.F-26 D S 727827 180mm Vertical Sander / Polisher
F-27 VPT.F-27 P-100-02 630013 100mm (4") Grinder
F-28 VPT.F-28 P 57-27 / 59-27 740831 7 & 9" Angle Grinder
F-29 VPT.F-29 P 57-27 / 59-27 (NEW) 931629 7 & 9" Angle Grinder THREAD
F-30 VPT.F-30 K-100 A 729555 110mm Marble Cutter
F-31 VPT.F-31 KM-4 SA 729555 110mm Marble Cutter THREAD
F-32 VPT.F-32 KWB-350 727444 Blower
F-33 VPT.F-33 KB-20 729721 Blower
F-34 VPT.F-34 KR-100 520492 100mm (4") Grinder
F-35 VPT.F-35 KM-4 HD (NEW) 740044 110mm Marble Cutter
F-36 VPT.F-36 KF-2 730198 Flexible Shaft Grinder
F-37 VPT.F-37 KC-355 740459 355mm Chopsaw
F-38 VPT.F-38 RH-100 9081123 100mm (4") Angle Grinder KRAFT
F-38A VPT.F-38A RH-100 K-2 750045 100mm (4") Angle Grinder KRAFT
F-39 VPT.F-39 KM-4 SA K-2 630449 110mm Marble Cutter
F-39A VPT.F-39A KM-4 SA K-3 ..............110mm Marble Cutter
F-40 VPT.F-40 K-600 740798 6mm Die Grinder
F-41 VPT.F-41 KPT-501 740527 13mm 2 Speed Impact Drill
F-42 VPT.F-42 KB-500 740027 Blower
F-43 VPT.F-43 KPT- 22-180 .............. 180mm Angle Grinder

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